Individual Eyelash Trays 0.15 (Single Size)

Individual Eyelash Trays 0.15 (Single Size)

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Create those stunning classic sets with the elite classic range, these lashes are so super soft with a matte finish give your clients the perfect natural set of lashes.

Please see Curl Selection Below.

  • Available In C, D  
  • One Length per tray 8mm - 14mm
  • Made of high quality PBT Fiber
  • 3000 Lashes per tray
  • 16 Rows per tray.
  • Animal Cruelty Free


C Curl - slightly more curve than the J Curl, natural curl often used for clients who are looking to achieve a natural look. Most common curl, recommended round and feline eye shapes

CC Curl - this type of curl is one of my favourite not to curly but not too soft of a curls. Great for new clients first time being that it is inbetween the C and D Curl. 

D Curl - this type of curl is used to create a more dramatic and Glamorous effect, it is also recommended to use on clients who want to open up their eye. Recommended eye shapes are deep set or hooded eyes.