Diamond Adhesive

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Adhesive Info

Just like a true diamond this adhesive is unbreakable, designed for the australian climate. 

  • Thin viscosity
  • 2-4 seconds drying time (faster at higher humidity & temperature)
  • 4-5 week retention
  • Works well in low and high Humidity 30 -80 % Ideal 50-60
  • Ideal temperature 19-22 degrees
  • Suitable for both Classic, Volume or Russian Volume Lashes
  • Low fume 
  • Last up to 8 weeks after Opening
  • 10gm

This Glue is perfect for all Lash Technicians in Australia for our ever changing climate. Comes in a Ziploc bag with Silica Gel to keep glue fresh. Last 8 weeks from opening. Store in a cool dark place away from sunlight. 


-To be used by a Trained Professional only.
-Store in a Dark and cool place and avoid high humidity.
-Best stored in the fridge between use and take out 1 hour before using.
-Shake well before usage.
-The best temp. for this adhesive is 19℃-22℃ with humidity of 20-80%.
-Avoid direct water&steam contact for the first 12hrs.
-If the adhesive enters the eyes, flush immediately with water or saline solution.
-If extreme redness or discomfort occurs please seek medical attention.

Ingredients: Cyonacrylate, Black pigment


MSDA are available please request via email at Info@elitelashsupplies.com.

Our premium quality adhesives and are made in South Korea (by Korean government approved manufacturing facilities and business registration. Our Adhesive are made to order so it arrives to us then to you in a minimum length of time, our adhesive is stored in our ultra low humidity fridge to extend the glue shelf life, It is then sent out to you in our zip-lock bags including silica gel to absorb moisture and improve the life of your glue.


10ml adhesive is $36.95 gst exclusive 2ml sample adhesive is $12.95 gst exclusive

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