Cream Remover

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Remover Info:
  • Cream remover is a powerful green cream eyelash extension adhesive remover which makes removing the extension a breeze.
  • Formulated to not run into the clients eyes.
  • Removes a full set in around 5 minutes.

How to use:

 Apply Eye pads on clients

Remove a small amount (a blob the size of your small fingernail) onto your Micro brush

Using a micro swab/applicator, dab the Cream gel onto the top and bottom of the lashes, covering the lashes with a thin layer of gel.

Leave for between 3 – 5 minutes

Using 2 swabs, one on top and one on bottom, gripping the lashes, gently slide them off forward. The false lash should slide right off without any resistance.

If there’s resistance, leave the gel on for another 60 secs, then try again.

Wipe eyes clean and rinse with saline and dry. Nano mist the eyes for a couple of minutes to relieve any stinging sensation.

Ingredients: H20, Propylene Carbonate

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sima Hussaini
Best glue remover

This remover is the best nice and easy without any irritation the eyes

Best glue remover!

This stuff is so good! The few sets of lashes I’ve had to remove, this remover has made it a breeze. So easy to use and doesn’t irritate at all.

Abbie Wills
Love it !

This remover is so fast to use, makes the whole process of removing some in wanted lashes so quick! My clients say it doesn’t sting which is a plus !

Best remover

This remove is easy to use and removes lashes quickly . I have removed (not my work) some really bad clumsy glued together lashes and this made it easy and left no extensions or glue.