Elite 5D Volume 0.07 Long Stem

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Lash Info:
  • Available In C & D Curl
  • Available in 8mm - 14mm
  • One Size per tray
  • 240 fans per tray
  • Fused at the base with heat, not glue.
  • Animal Cruelty-free


Achieve a fluffy full volume look whilst saving your self-time!  You can produce a full volume look at the same time without Elite Volume Lashes.
Pre-made Volume Lashes are handmade with ultra fine 0.07 PBT Soft lashes they are then bonded by heat and the attached to the strip, these lashes do not break apart or keep any sticky residue like most other premade Lashes!
Our 5D volume trays are an amazing $18.95 each. These can be easily mixed with your 4D Lashes to give you an amazing result. They are light and made of the highest quality Silk material available. The fans are perfectly shaped to give the 5D effect. These can also be mixed with classic lashes to achieve the hybrid look.
Had a bad experience with premade or herd bad reviews? check out our blog! 
Please used a hook or curved volume Tweezer to retrieve from the Lash Tray.
Learn how to apply Pre-made Volume Lashes 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Thin, soft, NOT clumpy

I’ve had some boxes of these pre made fans sitting in my cupboard, so this week I whipped them out to give them a try. Girls, if you’re trying to find premades are actually *are* heat bonded (hard to find, a lot of sellers are dishonest) soft, and actually sit properly on the lash, I highly recommend you invest in these premades.