The truth about Pre-made Lashes

Pre-made Volume Lashes!
*Updated 11/04/2020

What are they and who uses them?

There is a lot of confusion on social media platforms, and in the Lash World on pre-made fans, they have come along way just like our Industry! So here's hard some truth on pre-made volume lashes.

Our pre-made lashes are assisting lash artists who are only classic trained to offer more volume to their clientele base while waiting for further training. Pre-made fans help bridge the gap between Classic Application (1:1)  and Russian volume (2-7:1). True Russian and Mega volume are Handmade for your clients at the time of the appointment. 

Lash artists that are against the use of pre-made fans are generally highly skilled Russian volume experts who have spent a lot of time and money mastering their skills. It is important to understand that pre-made fans are not intended to compete or replace the advanced art that is handmade volume in any way! 

These pre-made fans are ideal for lash artists to speed up time, as a full set of pre-made volume takes the same time as a set of classic lashes. Even if a client runs late, you can do a mixture of Russian and pre-made (this is what I do).

Fun Facts and Myths below!! 

"There so Expensive"

Not all good quality pre-made fans are expensive, this depends on the supplier, as a salon owner you should be pricing your services accordingly, so you cover the cost of products used as well as your time, bills, tax, etc. These are never charged or stated as Russian, but volume lashes do cost more than classics but less than Russian volume in time wise (Russian volume application 2-2.5 hours).

"They are already pre-glued and will be too heavy."

The confusion starts here! Yes, a long time ago lashes were made just so that the product was over glued and had large bases. Now it's all changed. Our Elite Pre-made lashes are high quality bonded by heat, so no adhesive is added in the manufacturing process. Therefore they weigh the same as a handmade Russian fan. You have to retrieve the pre-made fan from the tray using curved or hooked tweezers, so they don't fall apart, similar to Russian fans.

"There's no Art in it."

Yes while you are not hand making, and creating that perfect fan you are still customizing each set of lashes to the client while styling for each customer which is as we all know so important.

"They Cause Damage"

Damaged caused to a client's lashes is through over extending and poor isolation. Lash health has always been and will be the most important step in eyelash extensions; many people confuse them with clusters or part lashes, this is not the case at all. If you have had an in-depth classic training course and understand how to safely apply a classic lash to the natural lash this includes measuring lashes for length, thickness etc if not than a short course on pre-made application may be best you. We recap on classics and everything pre-mades here. 

"Retention is bad, and they don't wrap."

Yes, this is correct about wrapping, but neither does a Classic yet they still have good retention (read our blog on retention). Pre-made fans are applied just like a Classic set of eyelash extensions either above, below or side of the natural lash, using the correct application, length and lashing to your adhesive requirements will give you optimum retention for your client.