Referral Programs - The How to and Why You Should Implement Them

Let's start with how important these are, this is how businesses used to run before Google, Facebook, and Insta!! Word of mouth and referrals are still so important for your business. 

A referral system is a way to expand your business with your current happy clients talking and sharing with their family and friends making this a referral. Such a simple way to grow, these customers will refer you as they already know and are happy with the services you provide.

Research has shown that adding an incentive to refer their friends is most effective.

What incentive works? If you haven't implemented this yet or don't know how to, you should reach out to your current clients and ask what they like most such as

  • Dollar value off next service 
  • Percentage off next service 
  • Vouchers (local coffee shops, gyms, etc.)
  • Free Product per client (lash cleanser, crystal lash wands)
  • Add on service (brows)
  • Half price treatment

The list is endless!

Follow Up. Follow Up. Follow Up. 

It is so important to constantly remind your clients about your referral system. Once is never enough. Each time they come in you can casually remind them about the system. Have a poster up around the checkout/reception area etc. You can make one in Canva, you can even have a % off or $ amount off if they check in to your salon on Facebook or their Insta story (this is once-off). Don’t think just because you told them once, they will remember. 

Gift/Goodie Bags

Not only are Gift/ Goodie Bags are a beautiful and caring little treat to give each customer, but also it is a great opportunity to give clients some of your marketing material or collab with other small businesses, add you referral car, mini sample products, business card, lash wands, etc. Your clients will also appreciate this.

Amanda from Lux Lash Studio has shown us her Referral cards and I must say they are pretty amazing!

 For this instance you write your customer's names on it, they give it to their friend and then put their name on so that way the referral gives both the existing clients and new clients a discount. 



Most people and women want to support and help small businesses and are more than willing to help you! You can ask your client to leave you a review on Facebook or on google if you have set this up. We will have another blog on this soon…Simply ask your clients that have been with you for a while if they are happy to give you a review and this will help your business grow.

Grace x