Premade V's Promade

What are premade lash fans? What are promade fans? There's always a debate when there's something new or controversial, but today i will clear up which is the difference between the two in my opinion of being a Lash supplier and trainer for 5+ years. I dont claim to know it all but i will tell you everything i know to give you the best understanding! 
Which is better to use? Are they the same? What makes them different? Are premade fans bad? Is there a significant difference between creating your own fans and buying them already made?
Before applying any fans to a natural lash, it is important to know about the safety of your clients lashes you must carefully determine the extension diameter, length, and weight. If you don't understand any of this we cover it in our Refresher course here!
Premade fans are made by a machine. It is either heat-bonded or glued at the base with a tiny amount of lash adhesive. (Elites are heat bonded) You can tell from the bases and if not picked up correctly they will fall apart. They are store s similar to individual lash extensions, the finished result is packaged in a tray and attached to an adhesive strip.
Premade fans are created in the same way that handmade volume lashes are, with the exception that a machine is used to assist in the process.
Promade Lash fans are made entirely by hand. They can either be made by a lash artist before the clients appointment and stored with the intention to use during the appointment. (great to do in your down time or those new to handmaking fans) The alternative is buying loose pro-made fans already made.
These are generally either dipped in adhesive to close the fan and placed in smaller boxes called loose fans or of highly produced and manufactured they can also be heat bonded.  Similarly pro-made fans that are purchased in bulk are made by lash artists in bulk in order to sell them to lash artists after.
Then there is handmade fans which i find is now lacking this days with premade and promades being the faster option to apply full and fluffy lashes, promades and premades are a more expensive option so you must set your prices accordingly. 
Handmade fans are made by pulling a few extensions from the strip, fanning them according to the lash artist's liking, dipping them in adhesive, and placing them on the client's natural lash, resulting in a lash wrap giving the ultimate bond!  We have a Free hand making volume video here for you!