How to Increase and Decrease your Humidity

Now we know that our Salon Climate is the most important step in retention how do we control Low and High Humidity?

Summer is approaching and we need to start thinking about how to control the humidity (moisture) level in our rooms as lash artists for our adhesive to work & cure perfectly. Remember that it is moisture that cures (sets) our Adhesive and too little or too much will effect our Adhesives and retention.

The best way to monitor the humidity level in your room is with a digital hygrometer a vital instrument for all Lash Artist used to measure humidity. These are available in our store for $13.95 and i do believe you can find these at your local Bunnings (my husband should know he lives there) 😂

Depending on the brand of Adhesive that you are using having a humidity level in your lash room of 45-65% is the typical range that your Adhesive will work best in.I personally love 55% and 21-23 degrees and i either use Lady Black or Diamond especially on my Russian Volume as im still quite slow.

Here are effective ways that you can Lower your humidity level in your room. (Please note a lot of these methods below are not quick fixes methods and you should always implent your Lash climate a minmum hour before you start Lashing) 

Air Conditioning - set your AC to a ‘dry’ setting to remove moisture. in winter if you use the heat option this will also decrease the humidity.

Fans - fans will help move the air and help with evaporation.

Dehumidifier - found at target/or on ebay.

To Increase Humidity and Add moisture; it will take just under 1 liter of water to increase the moisture level by 10% depending on the size of your room. Again these are not quick fixes and will take some time to increase

Diffuser - sprays water into your room and increases the humidity, adding essential oils will make the salon smell amazing again depending on your salon size you may need a few. 

Plants/ Flowers - plants will naturally place moisture into your environment. Keeping them nice & watered.

Boiling water - cup of coffee anyone? Probably the most immediate way to add moisture to your room. 

Nano mister - nano misting throughout the lash service or placing a small drop of water onto the eye pad so the adhesive can absorb the moisture and cure correctly!

Im constantly watching my humidity and temp throughout Lash services and will adjust my aircon, diffuer or dehumidifier to get my desired humidity and Temperature.

Grace x