Eyelash Cleansing and Taping

Eyelash Cleansing for Optimum Retention. 
How to safely cleanse the eyes prior to applying eyelash extensions for optimum retention for you client!

Our Elite Eyelash Foaming Cleanser safely removes oil and makeup residue on the lash line and extensions. It is an imperative step in preparation for eyelash extension application, as well as client aftercare. By preforming a cleanse for all eyelash extension service it aids in optimum application, retention and eye hygiene for the client.


How do you tape?
What helps when you have an anxious client or a fluttery Client?
Lash tapping can be hard especially when you are new to Lashing so here is some great tips i have learnt along the way and can hopefully help you to!
I talk my clients through the steps I’m about to do and so they have an understanding of why each step is made. For most clients i ask if they are ok to open their eyes whilst I place the eye pads on. If they are uneasy about it I can then do it with their eyes closed by gently using my finger to lift their eyes and securing the lower lashes with the gel pad and tape (seen here on our you tube channel)
One of the most difficult things to balance is getting the lashes to stay down while simultaneously not getting too close to the client’s eye. You want to keep the gel pads at least 2-3mm away from the client’s waterline.
Some gel pads have the tendency to expand or swell or leak when exposed to moisture such as watery eyes, to ensure this does not happen keep the eye pad as far away from the waterline as possible this helps prevent any reactions that can occur (we have minimum products in our eye pads)
Tape those babies down!
After you have placed the eye pads on take two pieces of micropore tape about 5cm in length, and place along the lash line in a V shape on top of the gel pad to hold down any additional lashes that may pop up. Remembering not to place on the eyelid as this will be uncomfortable and make the client eyes water.
When the client closes their eyes, ask them if they feel any discomfort. If they do then gently pull the tape and pads down a little to readjust while their eyes are closed. I do this any way every time as I will lift the upper eyelid and then use my isolation tweezers to gently flick up any lashes that may have been caught with the tape.
Our Lash pads are specifically designed to be extra thin and flexible to fit the needs of each of your clients. Their thin design helps to prevent leaking or swell that can irritate your client’s eyes. They pair beautifully with our Micropore tape. Micropore tape is lint free and delicate enough to be gentle on skin, but secure enough to hold down the lashes.
Taping Hacks
Lifting – Place one or two pieces of the micropore tape on the upper eyelid pulling the eyelid ever so gently of the eye pad or tape to prevent any lashes sticking to the pads or tape, this is needed for those that have very flat/down turned lashes.
You need to detac the tape first and when placing over the eyebrows pinch so they don’t receive a free eyebrow sculpt! To remove carefully remove from the forehead first down towards the eyelid.
Inner corners-  Using a piece of micropore tape place across the middle of the eyelid and pull towards the outer eye and watch those baby lashes pop up! I do this either first or last when I’m lashing which ever you prefer. Photo below.
Layering – You can either use micropore tape or a gel eye pad I like to use the eye pads myself and use 1 patch per client and work eye to eye. To reveal the lower layer of lashes place the tape or eye pad (if using tape you need to detac the tape again) on the tips of the lashes and the lower lashes will be seen, this is also great for isolation as once these babies have an extension on the Lashes will separate easier. 
Grace xx