What is the Best Eyelash Adhesive?

So lets get down to business what is the best adhesive? Lady Black,  Skye s+? Well have you know it all eyelash adhesives contain the same active ingredient cyanoacrylate! When this comes into contact with moisture in the air it forms a chemical reaction  and polymerises forming a chain reaction and solidifies. This is called 'curing'. Some adhesives are low fume and some are higher.

How do you get the best retention? Your Salon/room needs to be at the right Humidity and Temperature of the Adhesive. 

Humidity - Lash Adhesive needs moisture to cure so when you are lashing you need to monitor your lash rooms humidity with a hygrometer.

Too much humidity - Your adhesive will not be curing properly so the lash either wont stick when you are applying or come off when you are brushing the lashes. To decrease the humidity open a window or door in your room also will need to invest in a dehumidifier to pull the moisture from the air.

Not Enough humidity - This is also going to effect the bond of your glue, as the adhesive needs the moisture to cure. The adhesive will start drawing moisture from any where it can, this is usually your clients eyes as well as yourself not having enough moisture in the air whilst lashing to your adhesive requirements will cause redness in your clients eyes, and irritations to yourself such as itchy throat and irritated eyes. To increase your humidity is to use a diffuser this will disperses water into the air and increases the humidity in your salon. Depending on the size of your salon you may need a few to increase the humidity. 

Temperature -  Is the next important step in Lashing if you are Lashing at a higher temperature than your adhesives recommendation your glue will begin to set faster which will give you a brittle bond especially with a fast setting adhesive. 

Clients Stinging? This is when you have been lashing without enough humidity in the air, the adhesive has cured on the outside but not on the inside so the reaction of stinging occurs when your client has left the your salon and is exposed to moisture such as when you sweat, shower or cry. 

Ideal Temperature and humidity?
What works for me and my adhesives?
Temp 21c - 23c
Humidity 55% 
We stock fast setting and slower setting Adhesives at Elite Lash Supplies, i use these methods above as mentioned depending on my salons temperature and my clients that have great retention. Please see our how to store your adhesive blog.

Please ask your supplier for the recommended humidity and Temperature of the adhesive you are using.
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