Why you should NEVER apply lash extensions to yourself!

We are in the middle of the COVID19 disaster worldwide, second disaster being in Australia and that all the lash salons are closed. 😭😭 Lash extensions are like drugs they are addictive, I warn all my new clients, they just laugh....now NO ones laughing, but we are all in this together!

Let's start with the fact that this is a professional service, it is not a DIY treatment like self-tanning. This is your eyesight ladies! If you are showing your clients you can apply them to yourself, shame on you for doing this to our industry! That shit needs to STOP!

Did you know the lash industry has made it to the new multiple times and not for good reasons! Don't be another uneducated lash tech damaging our industry!

So here are 4 reasons why you should never do your own eyelash extensions!!

1. Eyelash extension adhesive is dangerous if not handled correctly.

Firstly, this is a chemical that needs to be used with extreme care! During the treatment, your client's eyes are always closed. This is because of the ingredients of the adhesive. The main active component of lash glue is Cyanoacrylate. It's the ingredient that creates the bonding. When Cyanoacrylate is exposed to the air, it tends to release a fume, and it may irritate sensitive membranes of the eye this is why your clients have their eyes closed and we fan the lashes if there is a fume build-up! working on both eyes at throughout reduces this. 

However, when you attempt to lash yourself, your eyes are wide open, and the sensitive membranes in the eye are exposed to the fume. Causing stinging and possible allergies. It doesn't matter which brand of adhesive you are using, they all contain the similar/same ingredients - for sensitive eyes or not, slowly drying or not, odor-free or not. You should NEVER apply lash extensions on the open eyes.

2. Stickies and Isolation Check ✔

One of the most important rules when applying extension weather it be classic, Premade volume or mega volume. The extension should ONLY BE APPLIED TO 1 NATURAL LASH. Repeat: The extension should ONLY BE APPLIED TO 1 NATURAL LASH... cool now we know that, please if you have a way of knowing how to isolate the natural lashes on your self with eyes open please shock me!

Lash Artists spend many hours of training to learn how to isolate 1 natural lash at a time, it's made up of most of our training, along with the correct adhesive amount, contradictions, weight, size the natural lash, adhesive science, humidity..again a professional service.

Attaching lash extensions to your own lashes while looking into a mirror is nearly impossible to correctly isolate. You are likely to glue several natural lashes together, and the result is not fun to deal with.

3. Natural lash growth.

Lashes grow at different growth rates. Some lashes grow faster and some slower these growth rates are called anagen, catagen, and telogen. Not only does lashing your self go against everything we lash artists learn and teach the pain and irritation from stickies!

The pain is not the worst part. In the long run, this kind of improper application can and will force your natural lashes to shed prematurely and leave a permanent lash loss or bald spot in your lash line. An Artist is supposed to maintain the health and integrity of the natural lashes at all times, this is how we will continue to lash out clients for years to come!!

4. Lash tweezers.

If you have ever watched a lash tutorial, video on social media or done an accredited lash course showing you how to apply lash extensions the tweezers used can potentially cause harm if not handled and used correctly! These are sharp!! Lash artists have practiced a lot, and they have a steady hand. They know how to hold the tweezers correctly and how to handle them safely. If you don't have these skills, even if you do you shouldn't put them near and open eyeball!

You will be using sharp tweezers in the immediate vicinity from your eyes - are you ready to face any eventual tragic consequences? You only have one set of eyes per lifetime.


We did not create this post to scare anyone without a solid reason. We care about our clients, customers, and we care about you. This is why we are educating during this time and advise you to wait and get fresh lashes done your amazing Lash Artist when we reopen!

If you can't feel like a teenage boy or bald baby chicken without lashes, 😂 get your self some strip or magnetic lashes these are an excellent temporary solution. Or embrace this moment, try a lash serum or just be all-natural! We are all bald at the moment, this is something we can't change, embrace it and be thankful for your eyesight.

Stay safe!

Much love
Grace x


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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